Serious Commotion As Ebola Survivor Gives Testimony In Church

Serious Commotion As Ebola Survivor Gives Testimony In Church

One of the health attendants that contracted the Ebola Virus from the Liberian Patrick Sawyer, but survived that ravages of the disease, went to church last Sunday with her heart filled with joy to testify to the goodness of God. They were 10 testifier on the queue and she was number four.

When it was her turn to share her own testimony, she testified that she survived and had tested negative to Ebola. As she was about to return the microphone to the pastor to call the next person when she finish testifying, this is what happened;

Pastor: Don’t worry, give the microphone to the next person.

Next person: (shifts back) Nooo, give it to pastor.

Ebola testifier: Pastor, take your microphone, he is not collecting it.

Pastor: Give it to the sister behind him.

Sister: Shuuooo! I don forget my testimony, may be next week.

Ebola testifier: Pastor, if you are not ready to collect the microphone, I will put it on the floor (heading back to her seat)

Before she could turn back to return to her seat, everyone in the church had jumped outside for dear life…(LOL)


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